The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. by Jim Reginato, Chair.



Boardmembers present:   Scott Ellinwood

                                            Wade Nomura

                                            Richard Johnson

                                            Jim Reginato


Boardmembers absent:    William Araluce


OTHERS PRESENT:  Approximately 3 interested persons were present.



1)      Applicant:  Shubin and Donaldson Architects for          Planner:  Shanna R. Farley

Project Number:  11-1605-DPR/CDP/ARB

Project Location:  6410 Via Real

Zoning:  Industrial Research Park (MR-P)


Hearing on the request Shubin and Donaldson Architects for the preliminary/final review of a request to construct an addition of 227 square feet and construct an outdoor patio area at 6410 Via Real.  The addition would be added to the existing 26,415 square foot structure, which is occupied by  The proposed addition and patio would be constructed upon the southern elevation of the structure, visible from Via Real.  The addition would enlarge the entry/lobby area.  The patio would be used as an employee dining and break area, to include patio furniture, water feature and bamboo landscaping.


Project Architects Sieglinde Pukke and Liz Hughes presented a brief description of the project and presented a revised material sample of the frosted glass, which was changed from a green to white colored glass.






The Board discussed elements of the project including the material of the patio enclosure brackets, windows, patio flooring and landscape materials. The Board discussed concerns regarding the proposed Black Bamboo landscaping, regarding its growth pattern, density once mature and maintenance concerns. Boardmember Nomura suggested alternative bamboo species (Chocolate Bamboo) which is clumping and would have a less dense growth pattern.  


ACTION:  Motion by Boardmember Johnson, seconded by Boardmember Ellinwood to recommend final approval of the project to the Community Development Director, with the comment to consider a clumping variety of bamboo such as Borinda fungosa (Chocolate Bamboo).


VOTE   4-0



2)      Applicant:  Bryan Pollard for Jack and Marilyn Jenkins-Stark                       Planner:  Nick Bobroff

Project Number:  10-1574-CDP

Project Location:  301 Linden Avenue

Zoning:  Planned Residential Development (PRD-20)


           Hearing on the request of Bryan Pollard, architect for Jack and Marilyn Jenkins-Stark, to consider Case No. 10-1574-CDP for final review of a request to demolish and replace an existing 500 square foot two-car garage with a new detached two-car garage with an attached one-car carport.  The new garage (438 square feet) and carport (165 square feet) would have a combined total square footage of 603 square feet.  The new garage/carport would have a maximum height of 15 feet from finished grade.  Exterior finishes for the new garage and carport would match that of the existing main residence.  The property is a 10,575 square foot parcel zoned Planned Residential Development (PRD-20) and shown as APN 003-440-029 located at 301 Linden Avenue.



Project Architect Bryan Pollard explained the reasoning behind the re-design and the loss of the second floor artist studio.  He noted that he opted to use a different size horizontal siding and roof style on the rear one-car garage in order to give it the look of having been added on at a later time.


Public Comment:



Boardmember Discussion:

Boardmember Reginato suggested that the one-car garage should have a garage door; the rest of the Board agreed.  Mr. Pollard indicated that he could add doors to the one-car garage to match those to be used on the two-car garage.


Boardmembers Ellinwood and Nomura noted that the beam used for the pergola over the new driveway gate appeared too heavy and out of scale with the other wood elements used on the property.. The Board asked that the beam dimensions be restudied.  It was suggested that the beam be brought down in size, or possibly replaced with two “6x’s” sandwiched on the post(s).  If necessary, the trellis members resting on the beam would then need to be extended to overhang the beams by at least one foot.


Boardmember Nomura sought clarification on the construction details of the new driveway gate.  Mr. Pollard explained that the grape stake fence would return along the driveway and terminate adjacent to the new pergola.  The gate itself would be constructed of grape stake planks with a squared lattice panel across the top.  The gate would be connected and hung off of the fence and not the pergola posts.


ACTION:  Motion by Boardmember Nomura, seconded by Boardmember Johnson, to recommend final approval with the Board’s comments.


VOTE   4-0





  • Action Minutes of the Architectural Review Board meeting held December 1, 2011.


ACTION:  Motion by Boardmember Reginato, seconded by Boardmember Ellinwood to approve Action Minutes of December 1, 2011.


VOTE:  3-0 (Nomura Abstain)  





·       The scheduled 2012 meeting dates for the Planning Commission and ARB was provided to Boardmembers




Chair Reginato adjourned the meeting at 6:45 p.m. to the next regularly scheduled meeting to be held at 5:30 pm on Thursday, January 12, 2012 in City Council Chambers.  All Boardmembers indicated they would be in attendance.




Secretary, Architectural Review Board







Chair, Architectural Review Board